Have you ever heard the phrase “Lost in Translation!”?

If yes, then you probably know what it means and how a poorly translated document can change the whole meaning of a text. This is why it is important to know those people who are on the top of their game when it comes to the arena of translation in Pakistan. Words have effect and power. The usage of correct words can make or break the context of a writing. This is why when it comes to translation, an independent survey was carried out by an English newspaper to know the top translation service providing companies in Pakistan.

As per the survey result, the top translation company in Pakistan is Vibrant Translators whose head office is based in Islamabad. In order to achieve the best translation that is not literal and that communicates the letter and spirit of the original work, six main things need to be addressed. Vibrant Translators checks all the six parameters of the perfect translation guideline.

The parameters that are necessary for a good translation include i. Grammar, Spelling and Punctuations, ii. Knowing Cultural Differences, iii. Target Market Goals and Needs, iv. Use of Correct Idioms and Phrases, v. Urdu and Arabic Specialties, and last but not the least vi. Qualified Translators. Vibrant Translators are at the top of the list of this survey because the fulfill all the above criteria for ensuring near to perfect translations.

Unlike other companies which depend mostly on machines and software, Vibrant Translators have the best lot of translators in Urdu, Pashto, Punjabi, Saraiki, Sindhi, Baluchi, Persian, Chinese and Arabic. VT team of professionals are available 24/7 to meet their deadlines without losing the quality and professional standards. That is why this company is contacted by large groups like GIZ, USAID, UBL, The Generation you employed and many other leading companies.

This company have a pool of over 50 translators linked online from different places. This is the only company having an office in Canada.

All the translators of Vibrant Translators are highly qualified and have experience of several years in translating in their native languages. The translators they have are natives of China, Egypt, , UK, USA, Spain, Japan, Afghanistan, Iran, Italy, France, Portugal and many such more countries.

This special attribute of having native translators of each language gives Vibrant Translators the edge over all their competitors in the Pakistani marketplace. Infact, their translations are so good in quality that people and organizations from even outside of Pakistan contact them for translating documents, articles, and even books.

The other factors that contribute towards the success of Vibrant Translators is their strict check and balance of grammatical rules, spellings and punctuations as well as knowing the specialties, idioms and phrases of the language a text is being translated into. All these factors make Vibrant Translators the top sought after translation service providers of Pakistan.

Other sought after translation companies and honorable mentions include the names of Write Perfekt, Al-Masoom Services, and Translation Directory to name a few. These are also included in the top list of translators in Pakistan but as these companies lack in following the six rules of perfect translation in one area or the other, they are far behind Vibrant Translators.

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