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Drafting a concept paper, capable of generating interest in the funding authorities, is a challenging task since it is the initial step in the preparation of a PhD research paper. A concept paper, basically, is a document written for potential funders, prior to the submission of the full proposal, in order to convince them to sponsor for your research. It enables the authorities to judge whether or not, the proposed project is in line with their guidelines and priorities. The concept papers are generally a concise document, of about one-to-five pages, comprising of information, statistics and persuasive arguments. They may vary in format and specifics, depending upon the organization.


A commonly used concept paper format consists of five components, namely, introduction, which identifies how and when the applicant’s objective goes in-line with the funder’s objective, the purpose, which outlines the needs to be addressed by the applicant’s proposed project. It also describes the significance of the applicant’s project. The next section is the project description, which entails the goals and objectives of the proposed project along with the project’s methodology and expected duration. The fourth section is titled as the budget section, which contains a single bottom-line amount requested, attached with a brief discussion of how that amount will be used. The final section provides the contact information of the applicant organization’s chief executive. Although, funders often provide a template or format while requesting for a concept paper, the above stated sections are a part of almost every format.

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