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Documentary Script Writing Services
Documentary script writing is one of the most under-rated elements of the documentary-making process. The common notion is that because documentaries film real life as it happens, a prepared script is of hardly any importance. Yet trying to make a documentary without a script is like traveling without a map. Trisha Das in her piece ‘How to write a documentary script’ says, “A shooting script is a conceptual map for your shooting journey. It consolidates research and outlines the film’s story, providing a visual guideline for the shoot.” A script is what gives a documentary its form and direction without which it tends to flounder about or meander quite meaninglessly.

Pre-shoot and Post-shoot Scripts
A documentary usually has two scripts – the pre-shoot script and the post-shoot script. The pre-shoot script, as outlined above, acts as a ‘visual guideline’ for the shoot. It gives the documentary its structure and direction. However, because documentaries capture a slice of life as it occurs, its process of creation, like life, is fluid, dynamic and unpredictable. As a result, the script is almost always bound to change along the way. New directions may have to be pursued, new horizons explored and new opinions developed.
Once the shoot is over, the post-shoot script comes into play. This is what gives the documentary its form. It weaves together all the information gathered into a comprehensive and engaging story.
We provide expert documentary script writing services for both pre-shoot scripts and post-shoot scripts. If your aim is to provide a powerful script that is bound to change perceptions and challenge your audience, you have come to the right place.
Nurturing a vision and giving it life are two very different things. Birthing a vision is a craft that requires a certain skill set. That’s where we come in.“
Our passionate and sensitive writers are committed to giving you an end-product that is both inspiring and engaging. Through extensive research and interpretation, we can help you create a unique story that resonates with innovative ideas, an interesting rhythm and tempo, thoughtful sounds and silences, and striking images.
Before your shoot, we map out your ideas down to the smallest detail which will enable you to proceed in the right direction. After your shoot, we gather your data and transform it into a powerful script that will form the backbone of your documentary.
Ultimately, we at Vibrant Translators endeavor to communicate both the head and heart of your vision through our documentary script writing services. You can rest easy in the knowledge that your ideas will be given its due direction and form; that your vision will be brought to life in the most lucid and truthful way possible.